All-in-one door opening solutions for retail

Security solutions for retail environments should enhance the shopping experience of the customer.

The customer is the primary focus of shops and department stores. Good service means great availability and easy access, while still preventing theft and intruders.

The door solutions and escape route systems need to be robust enough to handle heavy foot traffic and fast-moving goods at all times while access control solutions allow monitoring and limiting access to the technical and service areas of the buildings.

Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Main entrances - The customer is the primary focus of shops, chain stores and department stores. Good service means great availability and easy access, while still preventing theft and intruders. The main entrance plays an important role in this and automatic entrance door solutions such as automatic swinging, revolving and sliding doors can make a store entrance more appealing, enhancing the visitor experience.
Staff areas - Often, stores and shops need to lock certain areas such as staff areas and back rooms. Mechanical locks in employee areas reduce threats to staff because unauthorized people cannot get access to the area, and access control solutions ensure that regular employees as well as temps who go from store to store can be granted access through secure identification solutions.
Loading docks and storage - Access control and secure identity solutions ensure that authorized personnel have access to restricted areas containing goods or products and to keep an audited record of inventory access. They can also ensure that deliveries can be received after hours by assigning supplier access to a locked gate, which can be opened to deliver goods, while restricting access to the rest of the facility.
Integration with security systems - ASSA ABLOY’s locking systems and access control systems are easy to integrate with other security systems such as CCTV-monitoring and alarms. Choosing ASSA ABLOY for door solutions ensures that installed systems are future proof.
Energy control - Air curtains create an ‘invisible door’ using laminar airflow, which effectively separates the outdoor and indoor air temperatures when the physical door is open. Paired with an automatic entrance door, air curtains enhance comfort, create more usable space and help minimize energy consumption.
Emergency exits - Reliable doors are a necessity, as well as free evacuation pathways in emergencies. Emergency exits and intelligent panic exit devices allow shoppers and staff to exit safely, without letting anyone who is unauthorized in.