Integrated solutions for educational environments

A safe educational environment requires intelligent, discreet and effective access management solutions.

Providing students and staff with a safe and convenient environment for learning and living is the primary security concern for schools and universities. 

Due to complex settings, door opening solutions for the education sector must be flexible to meet the diverse needs of pupils, students and educational personnel.

Whilst openness is a key element, access to certain areas should be monitored and limited at certain times.

From the buildings housing main entrances and lecture halls to sports facilities or student residences, the chosen access control and asset tracking solutions, escape route systems and locks need to work as a whole to deliver appropriate security and protection against burglary, theft and vandalism. 

Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Perimeter and grounds security - The first line of safety for a school or education facility is the physical barrier that controls, and limits, access to school grounds. This can include fencing, gates and security cameras. Ideally, entrances should allow all visitor access to be monitored and controlled. However, safety requirements may call for many emergency exits to the building to allow rapid evacuation.
Main entrances - The main entrance may include a physical access component through an automated door opening such as an automatic sliding, revolving or swinging door. Electronic access control systems can be added to tailor security levels to suit different times. They can also be integrated with surveillance cameras and security systems controlled from a central point, logging the details of visitors who have entered.
Administrative areas - Essential to maintaining everyday operations, administrative environments such as offices and storage facilities require specialized products such as master key systems to prevent unauthorized keys and logical access solutions to allow access to networks or information. From high-security deadlocks on secure storerooms to padlocks for lockers, all products need to be strong and robust.
Dormitory and campus - Many students also live on campus in residence halls. To ensure a safe and convenient environment, physical access to dorm rooms, contactless solutions to enable payment for food service and printing, identification solutions to allow access to libraries, labs or laundry facilities, are just some examples of the solutions university or school campuses may require.
Cashless transactions - Student IDs, such as campus cards based on secure contactless smart card technology, can be streamlined to perform multiple functions on one secure card. These can include cashless transactions for food service, vending machines and laundry, debit card transactions in partnership with financial institutions, identification to give access to libraries and labs.
Emergency exits - An emergency exit or panic exit device must allow fast and efficient evacuation during emergency circumstances, and but still remain an important part of the building’s primary security by restricting access or ensuring entry at all other times. Intelligent panic exits and devices, for example, protect people and property during emergencies and at all other times.