Code Handle® - Protect your private doors in public spaces with a PIN

PIN functionality is fitted into the handle so it’s discrete and easy to mount by replacing the current handle. Its simplicity contributes to higher security and safety with minimal effort.


The Code Handle is a smart electromechanical door fitting, which can be fitted without cabling to virtually any existing lock. The handle is equipped with five key buttons. One button to lock the door and four to enter a user code. By entering the correct code, the handle is activated. This allows the user to open the door with a single movement. The Code Handle is the ideal type of access control for, for example, specific rooms in an office or healthcare institution, a warehouse in a shop or a practice space at home.


The ASSA ABLOY Code Handle on rose has the same features as the Code Handle on long plate. The handle on the inside of the door is always free to operate, for emergency reasons. The operator of the door or doors to which the Code Handle has been applied is provided with a 6-digit master code and can therefore program the user codes (up to 9 per door) and add or delete codes whenever necessary. The master code can also be used to program the possibility of automatic locking for each door. If a user enters an incorrect code five times in succession, the Code Handle is deactivated for three minutes.

Emergency safety

The ASSA ABLOY Code Handle with key buttons is on the outside of the door. The handle on the inside of the door is always free to operate. An important certainty: this prevents unwanted confinement and guarantees emergency exit from the room to the outside.

Discover the benefits of Code Handle, the PIN-powered handle

Modern design; simple yet secure

Code Handle offers a simple solution for keeping private rooms private, allowing access only to those who require it.  The PIN code setting allows you to keep control of who has access, particularly important when you want to keep items away from the public, such as dangerous materials in hospitals or artefacts in libraries.

Protect private rooms in public areas

Ensure areas remain only for those staff who need it, and with automatic locking, the room stays locked without having to again enter a code when leaving. It requires no alterations to the current door and little maintenance with up to 30,000 cycles per battery life.