Key Management

The extra module Key Management makes sure you can manage every key in your organization.

To secure access to your locking plan we use a Masterplan card and card reader. You can check which keys grant access to different spaces , display their status and edit it.

The system also offers the possibility to make connections between keys, cylinders and persons, making optimal management possible.

You gain insight in the number of keys being used per person and you can optionally link it to a departure date.

All data of your locking plan is saved on our servers and is always up to date. With every new installation of Masterplan, the data is downloaded and updated again.

Every new order of keys and cylinders adds data automatically to your key management system.

  • Activating key management and functionality Daily Business

In this instruction video we are going to activate the Key Management option in Masterplan and look over the Daily Business functionalities.

Next steps are shown :

  • Granting key(s).
  • Return of key(s)
  • Reminders for returning of key(s)
  • User Management

In this instructionvideo we will go over the Users function

  • Adding/Deleting Users
  • Exporting Userlist
  • Editing the exported list in Excel and importing the list agai
  • Overview functionality Keys - Doors - Bookings - Lists - History - Configuration

In this instructionvideo we will have an overview of following functionalities:

  • Keys: Requesting status and management of certain keys and extra information 
  • Doors: Requesting status of a certain door/cylinder and extra information 
  • Bookings: Editing bookings and printing different forms
  • Lists: Gives an overview of users who possess a key at that time
  • History: Gives an overview of all open and closed bookings
  • Configuration: Gives the possibility to alter the grant, return and remind forms