Locking plans & production orders

Full control for your lockchart via Masterplan

Masterplan was developed as a simple and reliable tool for passing on locking plans and production orders to ASSA ABLOY. The target groups are our distributors, end users of locking plans, and our own technical advisers.

The software has following features:

  • Consulting locking plans
  • Creating new locking plans
  • Extending existing locking plans
  • Requesting pricing information

The software includes a set of tools that make it easier to set up locking plans. The built-in control functions are there to help you avoid errors in setting up.

Besides the preparation of locking plans (Locking Plan Management), the software also provides access to additional functionality
that is made available via the internet.

This extra functionality includes:

  • Key Management: Managing donation and return of keys, automatically linked with current data of backorders
  • Profile Management: Extraction of keying cuts and cylinder filling

Depending on your contract, you can use various functions. It is therefore possible that you will not be
able to use all the function mentioned.